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Light Gauge Steel Construction Contractor

Metal Framing

With an ever increasing demand to be innovative, MDG (UK) Limited have the proven experience in providing external infill and structural panels using cold formed light steel metal framing.

Becoming more prominent within the industry the light steel frames are becoming and increasingly attractive option.

Shorter build times

Build times are typically reduced by 50-60% in comparison to traditional on-site construction methods, regardless of the conditions on site.

Reduced site labour

Prefabrication and cutting requires less skilled labour on site.

Superior quality

Off-site factory-based quality control and pre-design of similar modules results in superior quality products with fewer defects than on site working.

Low-weight construction

Manufactured light steel is about 30% of the weight of conventional masonry construction taking less time and labour to construct the same frame and facilitating manhandling, assembly and erecting of the structure.

Reduced environmental disruption to site

Factory production of components are much less wasteful, and ‘just in time’ delivery of components to site ensures that installation is less disruptive to the surrounding area.

Rapid dry envelope for early enclosure

Early enclosure of the building enables prompt internal fit-out.

The increasing use of steel framing, has meant that its design and installation have already been tested to exceed current regulations

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