Screeding Contractor

We offer various solutions in applying and laying screeds including insulation installation.

Standard Screeds and Early Strength Screeds
Suitable for all conventional screed applications, particularly when considering use as a floating screed in bonded and un-bonded construction projects and for use in monolithic situations.

Tarmac Tufscreed
Suitable for use in hospitals, offices superstores industrial and other applications where there would be a high cost in loss of use through floor failure due to surface cracking of screed. Taking on board the requirements for the site, we will provide concrete pumping if required so that multi storey and building and those with access difficulties can be completed.

Fibre Screed
Reduces the need for light mesh in the laying process. The Fibre Screed is suitable for all conventional screed applications, it ensures reinforcement is in the correct place and, very importantly, is correctly distributed.

SBR Polymer Screed
Includes a synthetic polymer resin to give increased toughness and bond properties. It is suitable for refurbishment work, solid concrete ground slabs, and in-situ suspended floors.



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